About Qiro

Qiro is more then just a handbag, a wallet or belt, it’s a community member. The community that stands for consciousness, self-esteem, respect for fellow people, and especially attitude in a fancy way.

About us

Qiro products are mostly designed in the Netherlands but produced in different European countries. Leather products in Firenze Italy watch in Switzerland, skin- and haircare in the Netherlands and Perfume in Grasse France.

We deliberately chose for a community shop instead of a standard store. A Qiroclub member is well prepared in many sections of lifestyle in different environments.

Besides, Qiro’s are privileged when it comes to product discounts.

So become a Qiro, and make the most of a lifestyle.

Qiro bags and accessories are meticulously manufactured by the best professionals in their field.

We believe that history has made a number of regions in Europe perfect for craftsmanship.

In her choice, Qiro uses the very best in its area.

Qiro bags, belts or wallets are manually fabricated with the best leather materials in Firenze Italy.

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